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Class Canary

ClassCanary was founded in 2013 as a Perth start up. The concept is to develop a review and bookings website for local classes and leisure activities. The project brings a return to the idea of "edutainment" - a termed coined in the 1970s, which is an amalgamation of the words education + entertainment. My role in the company was Front-End Web Developer and Development Team Leader.

My primary duties were to develop the user interface and to integrate feature suggestions presented by the Managing Director and the Business Development Team, with a strong focus on maintaining usability. In my role as Development Team Leader, I also managed workflows and assigned tasks to the programmers, and evaluated their code to ensure it was of a high standard.

The Website
  • Medium: Web
  • Skills HTML, CSS, jQuery, Google Maps API, PHP, MySQL, UI/UX Design
  • Software & tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver

The website was produced with the input of myself, the team programmer, contracted programmer and the managing director. As the only professional website developer on the team, I was relied up for my experience in layout and user interface design, web usability practices and standards and information hierarchy. While developing the site, where required, I made modifications to the back end code base and database (PHP & MySQL) to add or enhance functionality.

The Landing Page
  • Medium: Web
  • Skills HTML, CSS, jQuery, Responsive Web Development
  • Software & tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver

The landing page was used prior to the website being launched to display our social media profiles and contact details.